• Why we go to the Dentist

  • Family Dentist Concord DentistLong ago, oral health was not a priority.  Dentists existed mainly to extract a tooth that was causing problems.  It led, I’m sure, to a lot of toothless smiles, and perhaps that explains why so many pictures of our ancestors captured unsmiling people.  Luckily, as research (and possibly vanity grew), dentists began to realize they could help their patients more than ever before.  At our Concord dentist office, we are no different.  We strive to better our patients’ smiles and oral health.  If you aren’t visiting our office twice a year, here are a few reasons you should…


    It’s recommended

    The ADA, or American Dental Association, and every dentist recommend at least one dental exam every six months.  The recommendation is based on research focused on plaque growth, gum disease, tooth decay, and oral health.

    Toothaches and pain

    If you experience pain in your oral cavity, gingivitis or tooth decay may be the culprit.  If left untreated, it could turn into an abscess.  With regular appointments, we catch problem areas with x-rays and an exam.  If the pain has just started, or has lasted awhile, more damage will occur if you ignore the symptoms.


    Brushing and flossing alone won’t keep gingivitis away.  Our Concord dentist has the tools and experience to successfully keep your gums in good health.  If your gums are not pink and health, gingivitis and even periodontal disease is near.

    White areas or spots

    If you have a small, white spot on a tooth this is an instant alert of tooth decay.  Improper brushing and flossing leads to your tooth enamel being dissolved.  When your enamel is not strong and healthy, it is much easier for cavities to set in.

    Canker sores

    Sores in your mouth that come back again and again are signs of an infection.  And, since our oral cavity is interconnected with our other body systems, it is imperative to understand the root of the problem.  Infections in our mouth have the potential to spread to your heart and other organs.

    Pain-free dentistry

    The most important reason to visit our Concord dentist is for a pain-free dental experience.  We understand some patients do whatever they can to avoid us.  Ironically, by skipping their dental exams, more decay occurs on their teeth, thus requiring more time in the dental chair than just a simple cleaning and exam.


    There are countless reasons to schedule your Concord dentist appointment today.  If you need more reasons than having a healthy mouth and a great smile, just give us a call.  We have more topics regarding oral health on our Facebook page and look forward to seeing you soon.