• Testimonials

  • I have been with Dr. K and his staff for almost two years now. I came to him after going 5 years with very few teeth and in very bad shape. Dr.K and his staff worked with me consistently and today I have a great new smile. I don't have to worry about high priced "extras" like movies and music to get you thru your dental appt. This is genuine, thoughtful, caring dentistry done with the best interest of the patient, not the practice. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking genuine affordable dentistry. Dr. K and his staff have been wonderful.

    Stefanie S.

  • I have known this dentist for over 18 years and have had all my dental work done by him and would never even consider going anywhere else! I live on the other side of the Bay and routinely drive all the way over there just for my regular check-ups...I know its a hassle however, it has always been worth it. I don't have insurance so I pay the prevailing charge on my last crown which was nearly $1200.00 I don't understand why someone would bitch about $640? Sounds like he has more of an issue with not getting his way then a problem with the dentist or just didn't pay close enough attention to his dental insurance and wants to blame someone for his inability to accept responsibility!!!! This dentist has been more than worth the drive...

    If you want to have a great dental experience reasonable cost and a dentist that has a lot of experience this is the dentist to see.

    Robert E.

  • Been coming here for 15 years. Love the staff and they always give the best care for me and my family!

    Je'Tina D.

  • I came across this dental office in Sears (yea, I was shocked too!) by chance actually calling around for a Saturday cleaning for my kids and I - needless to say Saturday dental practices seem to be non-existent! Anyways, my first initial thought walking in was 'ok, the 2016 memo didn't make it here' but the hygienist and doc is so sweet and professional that I walked away totally blown away by how knowledgeable they were. There's something to be said about an 'old school approach' to dentistry. No fluff, no state of the art equipment, but by God the best dentist I've been to. Kudos! A little piece of heaven tucked away in Sears. For the record, I still do hate going to the dentist.

    Nicola L.

  • I have had a lot of dental work done over the years and I have been to many dental offices. The people at the Dental Center are very friendly and professional. Andrea, especially makes me feel at ease. They do excellent work and don't try to talk us into getting unnecessary work done, like some of the other dentists. I recently had new crowns put on and they were the best looking and have the best fit of any I have ever had. They are great at fitting me in when there is an emergency. I highly recommend this office

    Diane G.

  • I have personally known the owner for almost 20 years, I can say that I am extremely happy with the work that he has done on me. His office displays his and the other specialists certificates. Each dentists has a minimum of eight years of schooling, the specialist have a least ten and more years. Thankful to the owner, "I have a beautiful smile". I speak from experience that these doctors are qualified. I believe that you cannot make everyone happy, but I think if someone has a problem, "the first thing they should do, is try and resolve the problem face to face with the person they are having a problem". I know the doctors are caring and very concerned about their patients. They call me after I have had major work performed, which I truly appreciate. In this busy world, that is something that is not usually done. Another thing that I appreciate is their affordable fees. I am sure if you check their fees, with other dentists' fees, their fees are much less. I know they have recently remodeled their office, which is very nice. However, I go there for the quality of work they perform. I simply say "give them a try". Thank you, T. Grochowski

    Tom G.