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  • Toothy Smiles and Jack O’Lanterns

    A small gap in a young child’s smile is adorable, in an adult’s smile; not so much.  So what constitutes the difference and how can you keep your family’s smiles from looking like Jack-of-the-Lantern?  At our Concord dentist office, we understand that you want an amazing smile.  We provide [...]

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    Teaching Oral Health to Children

    Next month kicks off National Dental Hygiene Month.  It’s a month in which dental professionals stress the importance of oral hygiene.  Yet, October shouldn’t be the only month we focus on protecting our mouth and teeth.  As a Concord dentist practicing family dentistry, we encourage our [...]

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    Tips for Back to School Health

    Getting your child ready for the first day of school can be overwhelming.  All the to-do list items that you’ve thought about over the summer must finally be crossed off:  book fees and lunch payments, supplies and haircuts, physicals and doctor visits.  It all adds up pretty quickly.  At our [...]

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