• Bridging the Gap in Concord

  • Concord dentist bridgeIn the dental industry a bridge is a common term.  Like any bridge, it connects point A to point B, and really, a dental bridge has much in common with a bridge we may cross on the road.  Both types of bridges are supported at each end, both require regular maintenance, and both are a thing of beauty.  Think of the bridges you know; the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden State Bridge, the Navajo Bridge.  America is full of gorgeous spans of steel and concrete that allow us to travel from one side to another with ease.   The Dental Center at Sears is no different.  Our Concord dentist has the skills and experience to build your bridge so you can get back the beautiful smile you once had.


    Bridge Basics

    A dental bridge is a dental apparatus that takes the place of one or more of your teeth in order to restore your smile.  The bridge uses two anchors, either made up of your natural teeth or dental implants to stay in place.  The material of a bridge includes ceramics and metal alloys most often in order to create a long lasting solution.


    When is a Bridge Necessary?

    There are a variety of dental services offered through our Concord dentist office which will restore your smile.  Teeth that are missing from an accident, illness, or genetics can impact your smile.  A bridge restores this area so that it looks like your natural smile.  Absent teeth tend to cause pain as pressure and stress on the surrounding teeth experience more than normal wear and tear to make up for the missing teeth.  Additionally, when teeth are missing, patients become susceptible to gum disease.

    Another reason you may need a bridge revolves around weakening bone structure.  Age, medications, and genetics can cause teeth to behave differently.  The bone may erode quickly, break easily, or simply wear down faster.  A bridge adds strength to by replacing the missing teeth in the area and through support by the abutting teeth.


    Do I Qualify for a Bridge?

    Bone health, supporting teeth, age, health habits, and more all play a part in determining if a bridge is right for you.  Our Concord dentist and staff have the experience and education to work with you in order to create the right oral treatment plan.  Every solution is as unique as you, and our goal is to ensure your smile is great.  Oral health and patient care are our priorities.


    You deserve the best smile.  If you have a gap from missing teeth or are suffering from unexplained oral pain, give our office a call.  Check out our Facebook page for additional information and reach out to us with any questions you might have.