• Tips for Back to School Health

  • Dental Exam Concord dentistGetting your child ready for the first day of school can be overwhelming.  All the to-do list items that you’ve thought about over the summer must finally be crossed off:  book fees and lunch payments, supplies and haircuts, physicals and doctor visits.  It all adds up pretty quickly.  At our office, our Concord dentist and staff understand how hectic this time can be and offer a few tips to make sure your children get off to a great start.


    Make a list

    Make a list for each child in your family.  Younger and older children alike can bear the responsibility of tasks.  For instance, an older child may be able to schedule their own appointments, plus it is a great learning experience for them to do so.  Stand nearby while they make their appointments so you can help.  Younger children may not have the phone and scheduling skills nailed down yet, but can help in other ways.  Your lists may include appointments such as annual physicals, routine doctor exams, haircuts, and eye exams.  Make sure a visit to our Concord dentist for a dental exam is on that list as well so they can all start back to school with a great, clean smile.


    Develop a chore or to-do chart

    Chores promote responsibility and ownership skills in children while helping out parents at the same time.  Use the start of the school year to your advantage.  Chores can include picking up rooms, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms, and taking out the trash.  Additionally, self-improvement items should be a part of this chart.  Reading for 20 minutes each day, or 15 minutes of writing or math will encourage children to invest in their own learning and help them in school.  Finally, be sure to add oral hygiene to this list as a reminder to brush and floss morning and night.


    Be prepared and flexible

    Even the best laid plans can go awry.  Avoid the drama of being late for school or unprepared for class by getting everything ready the night before.  Check to see that all to-do items have been accomplished for the day as well as reading and homework.  Pack backpacks for the next day and have them ready by the door.  Fill water bottles and make lunches so they can be grabbed as you run out the door.  A missed alarm clock or last minute ‘I forgot about a project’ will be handled much more efficiently if everything else is ready.


    Raising kids is an ongoing experience; ever-changing, enjoyable, and yes, sometimes exhausting.  Take the stress out of preparing for school by enlisting the help of the entire family.  Our Concord dentist and staff can help with oral health while you navigate the rest.  We make it as easy as possible to schedule your appointments and are always happy to help teach young ones about oral health.  Get everyone off to a great start with a little teamwork and planning.  For more great tips, visit our Facebook page or social media accounts, and have a great school year!